House Concert

Why be a host of a house concert?

You will be supporting local artists, and perpetuating love of art and music.  It will be a time for you to enjoy the company of friends and family in a warm and jovial setting.  You will be creating a special night that everyone will remember fondly for years to come.  But above all, the unique nature of live music that you are nurturing will create an experience that will never be the same anywhere else, at any point in time.

What is a house concert?

It’s a private concert in a living room, backyard, or any space where people can gather. 

It’s like a Schubertiade for the modern age, or a potluck with entertainment.  It is a great chance to see musicians perform up close, listen to repertoire you may have never heard before, and meet and converse with performers and artists.

Is my house big enough?  Do I need to have a grand piano?

If your living room is big enough to fit 2 to 4 musicians, and comfortably seat 15 or more people, then you can host a house concert!

Since I am a pianist, I do require a grand piano (in-tune, and in good condition) in order to ensure the quality of my performance.  If you do not have a piano but would still like to host a house concert, please contact me and I can make arrangements for other ensemble type.

How much are the tickets?

Guests can offer any amount they deem appropriate, but the suggested donation is $20 per person.  Attendees can make the payment before or during the event at any time.

How do House Concerts get advertised?

Usually the host invites friends, neighbors, and acquaintances via e-mail, Facebook, text, or call.

Musicians will provide promotional material, such as head-shots, bios, videos of their performances, so that the host can send them out at their discretion.

Only in special cases, (such as when a house could fit 50 or more people, and the host would welcome attendees outside of their community) musicians may promote the event through their newsletters, website, and social media.

How do people RSVP?

Usually the host handles RSVPs because they know the attendees and can best judge from response rate if they should expand the invitation list or warn attendees that seats are becoming scarce. 

How long is the event?

Typically people arrive the house 30 minute before the performance.  Musicians often perform two 30 minutes sets with intermission.  There will be a lot of time to socialize and interact with the musicians before and after the performance.

What kind of music will be played?

Our program will be curated for each house concert based on the interest of the hosts and audience, season and location, instrumentation, and our current repertoire/projects on hand. Please see the sample program from the past house concert: sample 1, sample 2

Although my colleagues and I are most experienced in performing Classical music, we can also take requests for pop or jazz music.

The instrumentation, such as Cello/Piano duo, or Violin/Piano duo, among others, can also be arranged upon requests.

Food and drinks?

It is up to you to decide if you would like to offer Hors D’oeuvres type of food at the concert. It is also commonly seen attendees bringing food and drinks to share, aka, potluck style.

Alcohol is often served, but it is up to the host to decide.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  Visit my website to find out more about me.

I hope to make music in your home someday!

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