“Thanks for your instruction and insights this semester. I have had 4 different piano teachers in the last 12 years, and I have never learned this much in one semester! I think that the most important thing I learned is how to listen to myself. It really opens up a new level of music for me. I am definitely looking forward to next semester!”                          

University of Minnesota student 

Teaching Subjects:

Piano, Music Theory, Wellness for Musician

Teaching Locations:

Home studio in Mound MN, St. Paul Conservatory of Music, Mount Olivet School of Music. *Currently only teaching online due to Covid-19

Teacher Bio and Phisolophy:​​

I have been teaching piano to all ages and levels for over nine years.  My students and colleagues often describe me as an enthusiastic, compassionate, inspiring, encouraging, and knowledgeable teacher.

Through teaching, I have encountered and touched many lives.  I have helped them overcome their weakness, and nurtured their strength.  During their tough times when they were facing difficulty playing music, what seemed to be the only thing that pushed them forward was their love for music.  My teaching philosophy is to encourage each individual student to find and develop their love for music.  When there is joy in playing the piano, a student can overcome many obstacles, eventually becoming a musician who shares the love for music with others.

My emphasis in teaching is building proper technique without pain, as well as musicianship.  I have been invited as a guest speaker to give a lecture on performance injury prevention at summer festivals.

My students have participated in WMTA, MMTA, state Solo and Ensemble, and have been accepted into music programs at Universities in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

My teaching experience includes teaching private lessons and group classes at music schools and universities. I have taught all four levels of piano classes for music majors and non-majors at the University of Minnesota for five years, and and Continuing Education Program at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point for four years. I’ve taught beginner and intermediate group piano classes at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music summer camp, and music theory and history at the Minnesota International Piano Camp.

Student Voices:

“Rie is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who shows a passion for her students.”

“Your teaching style, I felt, was exceptional, and really learned a lot from you! It is obvious how passionate you are about music, and that only fueled my passion more. Thank you!”

“Thank you Rie for being a fantastic teacher. I feel so much more confident in playing independently in just a few months!”

“Rie was the most exciting teacher I’ve ever had. She pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. Organization and volumes of information was a delight. She always had a smile on her face. I’m not sure if she ever had a bad day! Thank you!”

“Caring and supportive instructor with the ability to make the complex seem achievable for even beginners.”

“As someone who started with minimal experience in piano, I learned a lot about proper technique and now have the tools to continue developing as a piano player and musician.”

“Thank you for a great semester, Rie. Your high spirit in classes always inspires me to practice harder. I really learned a lot in this class and I cannot believe how much I’ve improved through the class.”

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